my new book has been published: Digital Mindchanges for CEOs

This book will be presented at the workshop with GOOGLE the first time to an international audience at the Global DIY Summit in London on 10. June 2015! Surviving this digital era and leading in digital times needs a complete new mindset for CEOs. In this book you will find very valuable information for new mindsets – are you ready to change your old mindsets and get some fresh ones?

Sanjay Sauldie, Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute and Academy, knows what businesses in digital times really need: a digital agenda, that starts from the CEO and executives and reaches every customer, worker and consumer. From Web 1.0 to Web 4.0 you can join the iROi-Strategy tour, Sanjay Sauldie has setup for you in this book.

Here you can buy it

About the author:

Sanjay Sauldie was born in New Delhi, India and grew up in Germany, where he studied Mathematics and Informatics at the Cologne University, A whizz-kid of the new world of the Internet business, he won the Internet Oscar, the Golden Web Award in the United States, and the Innovations Awards for 2007 and 2008, from the „Initiative Mittelstand“ in Germany – thanks to his innovation, the iROI, Internet Return on Invest Strategy, and is now Director of the European Internet Marketing Institute and Academy. He is widely recognised as one of Europe’s most influential thinkers as well as a thought-provoking and impressive speaker. He is therefore highly sought after by organisations eager to benefit from his inspiring presentations to the global and local internet marketing strategies. He is known for explaining in simple words the complex world of Internet Marketing for everybody to understand.

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